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Meth Lab Clean-ups

What are Meth Labs?

Illegal production of Methamphetamine in Residential and Commercial properties is increasing in the developed world. These production facilities are known as Meth Labs. Many such labs are discovered and legally dealt with before being accessible to new users. This illegal activity contaminates all areas of the property that come into contact with the Methamphetamine. All exposed and hidden areas of Walls, Furniture, Clothing, Carpeting, Electronic items, and Air Conditioning and Exhaust systems can get contaminated putting the lives of future occupants, especially children, in danger. In Australia, Professional Meth Lab Cleanup is mandatory before any future use of the contaminated properties.

Contamination Hazards

People exposed to meth lab contamination can face headaches, allergic reactions, skin issues, respiratory complications, genital defects, psychological ailments, etc. These problems are sometimes visible after prolonged use of improperly detoxified properties. Therefore, all such properties need to be professionally cleaned and made free from all traces of contamination. Our experts at IAQ Services follow a strict procedure to evaluate, and assess the extent of contamination before commencing on the work. To ensure a healthy long term use of the contaminated property, IAQ Services follows the Australian Guidelines of Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines for Meth Lab Cleaning.

What do we do?

Meth Lab Cleanup is a specialized process that requires adherence to strict legal and environmental standards. The process is regulated by the authorities and only properly trained and authorized personnel are allowed to work on such properties. At IAQ Services, we follow strict guidelines introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Australian Crime Commission (ACC).

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