HVAC Inspection

HVAC Inspection

HVAC Systems

Modern life is made comfortable with the use of advanced air handling systems also known as Heating and Ventilation Systems or HVAC. These systems are designed to process air to the desired level of temperature and humidity levels to ensure a comfortable indoor atmosphere in all weathers. Contaminated air is pumped in the system through specially designed fans and pumping equipment. The air from the surroundings contains different types of contaminants including dust, spores, micro-organisms, smoke, fine metal particles, etc. The concentration of these particles entering an HVAC system depends on many factors including the location of the building, outside weather conditions, traffic activity, etc.

Maintenance Requirements

All components of an HVAC system come in contact with pollutants decreasing the life of the components and increasing the operational cost of the system, and also endangering the life of the users because of the presence of harmful disease-causing organisms. A regular HVAC maintenance procedure ensures efficient and effective operation of the system. Many parts of the system need regular professional cleaning and/or replacement. A contractual agreement with a tested, reliable, well-known company facilitates in continuous usage of the system with peace of mind for the users.

How does HVAC Inspection help?

A periodic HVAC Inspection ensures that no urgent emergency situation will arise in the usage of the system. All trouble spots are timely identified and taken care of. Our Inspection Experts at IAQ Services provide an excellent service in detailed assessment of the HVAC systems in use and present an exhaustive maintenance plan.

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HVAC Inspection in Sydney