Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage Chutes

Modern living accommodations are equipped with excellent waste disposal systems in the form of Garbage Chutes leading to Garbage Rooms. People can effortlessly get rid of their household waste through these Garbage Chutes. These systems also exist in commercial buildings serving their pantries and kitchens. With the passage of time, the garbage chutes in Residential and Commercial buildings attract deposits from improperly packaged garbage thrown into these and from breaking open of disposed material.

Deposits on Garbage Chutes

These depositions are the source of bad odours flowing up the garbage Chute In addition to odours, the air coming out of these chutes might contain harmful bacteria and viruses, putting the lives of the occupants of buildings at risk. Insects and Rodents use these chutes to propagate and move into interior spaces. Another major risk created by dirty Garbage Chutes is the Fire Hazard. The fire from a garbage room can easily flow into the whole building because of combustible deposits on the walls of garbage Chutes. Regular cleaning is required to keep the users of the building safe from odours, harmful organisms, as well as fire.

How we operate?

Our Garbage Chute Cleaning experts Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all chute doors on each floor, Hand scraping garbage build up in compactor, degreasing and disinfecting the insides of the chute. Pressurised hot water ensures proper cleaning of the whole system. Degreasing and Disinfecting the compactor are also parts of our regular Garbage Chute Cleaning operation. A regular Garbage Chute Cleaning ensures healthy trouble free usage of the system.

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