Filtration Services

Filtration Services

Filtration Systems in Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems take in air from the surroundings and process it to the desired temperature and humidity levels for the comfortable atmosphere creation in interiors of Residential and Commercial buildings. The air pumped into the system contains microscopic pollutants such as ultra-fine dust, mould spores, living organisms such as viruses and bacteria. The first major step in Air Conditioning is to clean this air through filtration. High-tech structures of Man-made and Natural fibres, both woven and non-woven are used to filter out unwanted contaminants from the incoming air.

Problems with Filtration Systems

These filters get choked up with continuous use. The quality of the incoming air varies according to the outside weather and environmental conditions. In the absence of a regular replacement and cleaning of the filtration system, all internal surfaces of an Air Conditioning network is exposed to minute particles depositing on every available space. This state of affairs necessitates more frequent cleaning of the air passage filters in case of residential and commercial properties with air conditioned interiors.

What we do?

IAQ HVAC Filtration experts are highly experienced in Testing, Supplying, and installation of High Quality Filtration systems. Our team is well equipped to handle all filtration services required. We go above and beyond to meticulously inspect the existing condition of the filtration system of Air conditioning systems installed in buildings. Then an efficient and effective solution is developed with the input from the client. Work is done in a highly professional manner getting the desired results at very competitive rates.

So contact us now for a complete solution to your Filtration Services problems.

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