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Coil Cleaning

Role of Cooling Coils

In Air Conditioning systems, there is an extensive network of Cooling Coils that play a major role in treatment of air. According to the Air Conditioning principles, warm filtered air is allowed to cool while passing through narrow Cooling Coils. The Heat Exchange system works on the natural principle of Cooling by Evaporation. An important task of Air Conditioning is controlling the humidity of the air. Dehumidified cool air is pumped through ducts to the interiors of the Air Conditioned buildings for a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Problem with Cooling Coils

The Cooling Coils have high levels of humidity inside along-with micro contaminants deposited on the internal walls of the narrow coils. This humidity creates an ideal environment for the micro-organisms inside to grow exponentially. Some dangerous micro-organisms that benefit from the humid environment inside Cooling Coils include Bacillus, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Flavobacterium, Candida, and Rhodotorula. These harmful organisms cause many dangerous, sometimes fatal, diseases.

How IAQ Services can help

Our experts at IAQ Services have a vast experience of dealing with these micro-organisms and the factors assisting them, inside Cooling Coils of Air Conditioning systems.

Our experienced professionals are well equipped to handle your coil cleaning needs. Using the latest equipment we meticulously and efficiently clean the inaccessible internal surroundings of the coils. After extensive cleaning we apply our state-or-the-art AERIS-GUARDâ„¢ Bioactive Coil Treatment that inhibits the growth of harmful organisms for a long time. This AERIS-GUARDâ„¢ Bioactive Coil Treatment is our safeguard against regrowth of all types of micro-organisms inside the coils.

So contact us now for a complete solution to your Coil Cleaning problems.