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Air Ducts in Air Conditioning

Air Ducts are an integral part of any Air Conditioning system. Conditioned Air from the system comes out in air ducts to be supplied to all covered areas in the property. Air Ducts provide the only passage for processed and unprocessed air to pass through the system. Contamination in the form of ultra-fine dust, spores, smoke, pet dander, and harmful living organisms continuously enters the Aid Ducts. No matter how efficient and effective the whole system is, there is always contamination in the form of minute dust particles and micro-organisms in Air Ducts. As many as 40 pounds of contaminants accumulates in the Air Ducts of an average six-room house, as estimated by the national Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). These contaminants not only choke the system increasing the cost of operations but they also create a health hazard by providing a safe place for all types of harmful organisms to grow and prosper. The increasing electricity rates necessitate the efficient functioning of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning improves the flow of air through the system maximising energy efficiency. The cost of professional Air Duct Cleaning is a fraction of the cost of installing new equipment and the savings on Electricity used. So it makes economic sense to keep the Air Ducts as clean as possible with the help of industry experts like IAQ Services. In addition to this the process of cleaning Air Ducts eliminates the colonies of dangerous micro-organisms that develop whenever any HVAC system is put into operation. These organisms range from simple flu causing organisms to highly dangerous bacteria Legionella. The dark humid pathways of an Air Conditioning system provide an ideal environment for these organisms to grow and proliferate. Regularly replacing filters do help a lot but even if a small fraction of harmful organisms from the surrounding input air pass through the filtering system, it is enough to start a heavily populated colony. A clean Air Duct professionally treated with protective coatings is a tested cost effective long term method of dealing with such harmful organisms. Our Bioactive Duct Treatment (BADT) is one such kind of special coating that protects the surfaces against the colonization of harmful organisms for a long time after the Air Duct Cleaning operation.

Importance of High-Tech equipment

Air Ducts run into all parts of an Air Conditioning system and are very lengthy and complicated in large buildings. Cleaning these require experienced, professionally trained experts with latest state-of-the-art equipment to reach inaccessible areas. Technologically advanced cleaning apparatus is essential to get access to and to properly clean contaminated areas hidden deep inside the system. Without proper detailed cleaning the objective of getting clean organism free air is not achieved. So one should always go for a company specialized in Air Duct Cleaning operations with years of satisfied customer experience.

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